What is cold brew?

What is Cold Brew?

Cold brewing brings out the best in coffee while taking heat out of the equation. The cold brew process extracts less chlorogenic acid than coffee brewed with heat, so it’s easier on your stomach. It’s coffee on its best behavior — silky and inviting, without any bitterness. Trust us. You won’t miss the heat.

All About That Bean

To create the best cold brew imaginable, we needed a roaster that could source the finest beans in the world and roast that coffee to bring out its maximum potential. After an extensive search we partnered with JBC Coffee Roasters, an award-winning local roaster. Working closely together we choose beans and roast profiles that ensure each glass of cold brew starts with truly incredible coffee.

Our Process

To expertly craft our cold brew, we start by pouring ambient water over freshly ground, specialty beans. Since we don’t use heat, the coffee needs a longer steeping time — but it’s worth the wait. We use proprietary brewing equipment, which means you get a coffee like no other. We never add sugar or any other fillers because the beans are naturally sweet on their own.


We always have Cadence Cold Brew on tap at the brewery. Our customers and brewers love the product. The coffee is always fresh, incredibly well balanced and the nitro bubbles give it a delicious and creamy mouthfeel. Every person that tries it for the first time ends up really liking the product.





By adding nitro to every can we keep oxygen out of the brew, which makes it fresher for longer. BONUS: Nitro also adds a velvety finish to the brew that makes it go down smooth.



They’re easy, no-fuss, durable, and they love to travel.
Can you have amazing coffee with you everywhere you go? Yes, you can.